Xanthan Gum Biopolymer the same quality of Duovis for water based drilling fluid system

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Xanthan Gum Biopolymer the same quality of Duovis for water based drilling fluid system
high-molecular-weight xanthan gum biopolymer used for increasing viscosity in water-based drilling fluid systems.Viscosifier

Xanthan Gum for water based oil drilling system

Xanthan Gum (XC Polymer) equivalent to DUO-VIS



Xanthan Gum D is a high-molecular-weight xanthan gum polysaccharide that includes

an enhanced dispersibility feature.



Xanthan Gum D solutions may be susceptible to biological degradation, so a

preservative at mud pH values above 10.0, Xanthan Gum D becomes more sensitive

to soluble calcium and maybe precipitated out of solution, however, it can be added to

most waters regardless of salinity. Xanthan Gum D can also be used in lieu of

bentonite to produce a no-solids viscous fluid.



 Outstanding viscosity-enhancing property and solubility in water.

 Unique pseudo-plasticity rheological property of Xanthan Gum it high-efficient

emulsifier and stabilizer.

 Excellent stability to large of temperature and pH change.

 Stable compatibility with acid, alkaline, brine, enzyme, surface active agent,

antiseptics, oxidant and other thickener.

 Perfect synergistic action when compounding with Guargum, Locust bean gum and

other gums.



pH 6.0 - 8.0

Appearance White, free-flowing powder

Hygroscopic Slightly



Normal concentration levels used in various fluids will range from about 0.6 to 5.7 kg/m³ (0.2

to 2.0 lb/bbl). In the presence of certain heavy metal compounds, cross-linking of the

Xanthan Gum D can occur.



25 kg multi wall bags with pe liner palletized wrapped & strapped.