Methyl isobutyryl acetate, also known by its chemical formula C6H12O2, is an organic compound classified as an ester. It is formed by the reaction between isobutyric acid and methanol, resulting in a clear liquid with a fruity odor. This compound is commonly used in the fragrance and flavor industries due to its pleasant fruity aroma, often described as pear-like or apple-like.

Product name: Methyl Isobutyryl Acetate; 2-Methylpropionyl methyl acetate; Isobutylacetic Acid methyl ester;Isobutyrylacetic Acid Methyl Ester;ISO-butyryl Methyl Acetate; MIBA; M1

CAS No: 42558-54-3

Molecular formula: C7H12O3

Molecular weight: 144

Appearance: colorless or light brown liquid

Content: 98%

Packing: iron drum or plastic drum

Specification: 25㎏, 50㎏, 200㎏
Storage: sealed and protected from light

Methyl isobutyryl acetate is frequently employed as a flavoring agent in food products, particularly in the production of artificial fruit flavors. It is also utilized in the formulation of perfumes, colognes, and other scented products to impart a fruity note. Additionally, it serves as a solvent in various applications, including inks, coatings, and cleaning products.

In summary, methyl isobutyryl acetate is an ester compound valued for its fruity aroma, which finds widespread use in the fragrance, flavor, and cosmetic industries.

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