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Application of pullulan in industry

  1. Used for environmentally friendly packaging materials and sewage treatment.

    Pullulan has excellent film-forming and fiber-forming properties and can be used to produce plant fiber-free paper. It has good water absorption and is easy to write and print. It is a good packaging material; adding certain ingredients can produce High-grade paper for special purposes, as well as packaging masks, etc. As a flocculant, pullulan's special adsorption and electrochemical properties allow it to carry out molecular bridging, adsorption, flocculation and shrinkage precipitation under the action of coagulants. This feature allows it to be used as a purification agent for drinking water and domestic and industrial sewage to remove suspended solids, BOD, and COD in the water and decolorize it. Huazhong University of Science and Technology applies this product to high-concentration water purification treatment and first-level strengthening of urban sewage. Treatment and treatment of wastewater in MSG production have formed a complete process technology. The input amount is 2mg/L, and good results have been achieved.

  2. Used as adhesive, coagulant and protective film. Lulan polysaccharide can be completely dissolved at any temperature and will not form agglomeration due to drying. As a rewetting adhesive, it can be bonded and solidified without adding any chemical solvent. Moreover, it does not produce high temperature or harmful gases when burned. It is used for bonding sand molds and has the characteristics of not producing gas, dust, Noise and vibration characteristics. The fertilizer particles bonded with it have the characteristics of slowly releasing fertility, thereby increasing the utilization rate of fertilizer. When used as a protective film for printing plates of flat paintings, it not only makes the plate anti-oxidative, but also increases the metal content in the non-imaging area. The hydrophilicity of the surface makes the picture clearer. In agricultural seed protection and the tobacco industry, its adhesiveness and antioxidant properties can also be used. Especially in the tobacco industry, cellulose is commonly used as a binder for cigarettes. , but the cut tobacco bonded with cellulose has shortcomings such as low tensile strength, easy deliquescence, moldiness, and odor, which reduces the quality of the cut tobacco. Using pullulan instead of cellulose not only overcomes the above shortcomings, but also reduces the nicotine content, increases the aroma of the cut tobacco, and improves the grade of the cut tobacco. It is a very promising tobacco binder.