Prulandon polysaccharides used for gum

Prulandon polysaccharides used for gum
Prulandon polysaccharides used for gum
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First of all, the addition of Prulandon polysaccharides can significantly improve the taste and texture of chewing gum. Secondly, Prulandonadosaccharides can extend the chewing time of chewing gum. In addition, Prulandon polysaccharides have a good effect.

As a popular casual food, chewing gum, its taste, texture and chewing experience is an important factor for consumer choices. As an important food additive, Pruban multilate plays an indispensable role in the production of gum. Below will be discussed in detail why Prulandaccharides must be added to the gum.


First of all, the addition of Prulandon polysaccharides can significantly improve the taste and texture of chewing gum. The taste and texture of chewing gum are the most intuitive feelings of consumers, and have a decisive impact on the acceptance and preference of the product. Pruland multilate, as a polymer polymer, has excellent thickening and membrane. Among the gum, Prulary polysaccharides can form a stable, uniform solution or suspension, which significantly improves the viscosity of chewing gum, making it more delicate and smooth. At the same time, Pruland polysaccharides can also enhance the elasticity and stretching of chewing gum, so that they can maintain a better shape and texture when chewing, and enhance consumers' chewing experience.


Secondly, Prulandonadosaccharides can extend the chewing time of chewing gum. An important feature of chewing gum is its chewing resistance. Consumers often hope that chewing gum can continue to maintain its shape and taste to meet the needs of long -term chewing. The addition of Prulalo multi sugar can increase the extensibility and strength of gum and make it more chewy. This means that consumers can enjoy a longer -term taste experience when chewing gum and meet their needs for chewing.

In addition, Prulandon polysaccharides have a good effect. The aroma of chewing gum is one of the important factors that attract consumers, and the persistence of fragrance directly affects the taste experience of consumers. Pruland sugar can effectively maintain the aroma of chewing gum to prevent the fragrance from being lost quickly during chewing. This incense effect makes the taste of gum more lasting. Consumers can continue to feel the aroma of chewing gum in chewing for a long time, which enhances its taste enjoyment.

In addition to the above taste, texture, and incense effects, Prulandon polysaccharides also have other advantages. For example, Prulandon multilate is a natural polymer polymer, which has good biocompatibility and biodegradability. This means that the use of Prulalanic candy in gum is safe and reliable and will not cause harm to the human body. At the same time, the production process of Prulalanose is relatively simple and low in cost, which makes its application in gum production more widely and feasible.

It is worth mentioning that the application of Pruland multi sugar in gum not only enhances the taste and quality of the product, but also meets consumers' pursuit of health and safety. With the improvement of food safety and health awareness, the choice of food additives is becoming more and more cautious. As a natural, safe, and efficient food additive, Prulandon polysaccharides meet the pursuit of health and safety of modern consumers.

However, although Prulandon has played an important role in gum, it still needs to abide by relevant safety specifications and standards during use. Manufacturers should ensure that the source of Pruran polysaccharides is reliable and stable in quality, and it is added strictly according to the limited edition of food additives. At the same time, the regulatory authorities should also strengthen the supervision of additives in foods such as gum to ensure the safety and compliance of the product.

The addition of Prulandonadosaccharides in chewing gum can significantly improve its taste and texture, extend the chewing time, maintain the aroma lasting, and meet consumers' pursuit of health and safety. Therefore, Pruland polysaccharides must be added to the overall quality of the product and the consumer experience.

In writing this discussion, we deeply discussed the multiple functions of Prulande multilytan in gum, and conducted a comprehensive analysis from the aspects of taste, texture, chewing time, incense, and health and safety. At the same time, we also emphasize the importance of complying with safety norms and standards to ensure the compliance of the product and the safety of consumers. Through this discussion, we can more deeper understanding why the gum must be added to Prulandon, and recognizes its key role in improving the quality of gum.

Of course, the application of Pruran polysaccharides in chewing gum can also be conducted in more in -depth research and exploration in the future. For example, you can further study the synergies of Pruran polysaccharides and other additives to further optimize the taste and quality of gum; at the same time, you can also explore the application potential of Pruland multi sugar in other food fields and contribute to the development of the food industry more. Innovative ideas and technical support.

In short, Prulandon polysaccharides, as an important additive in gum, are irreplaceable in improving taste, extending chewing time, saving effect, and health and safety. Therefore, Pululan polysaccharides must be added to chewing gum to enhance the competitiveness of products and consumer satisfaction.

Prulandon polysaccharides basic information

Prulandon polysaccharides, with the molecular formula (C37H62O30)n, are characterized by their white powder appearance. They boast a viscosity range of 100~180 and contain mono-, di-, and oligosaccharides in concentrations of less than 10%. With a pH level between 4.5 and 6.5, Prulandon polysaccharides offer stability and compatibility in various food formulations. Furthermore, they exhibit a low loss on drying (<5%) and residue on ignition (<0.3%), ensuring quality and purity standards are met. Heavy metal content is kept below 5 mg/kg, while nitrogen contents are maintained at less than 0.05%. Prulandon polysaccharides also maintain a low total number of colonies (<100 CFU/g), meeting stringent hygiene and safety criteria. They are certified by NOP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO, and HACCP, underscoring their adherence to international quality and regulatory standards.



Place   of Origin

Shandong,   China

CAS   No.


Other   Names

Aylopectin,   Pululan, Pururan, Pullulane

Molecular   Formula (MF)





White   powder



Mono-,   Di-, Oligosaccharides




Loss   on Drying


Residue   on Ignition


Heavy   Metal

<5   mg/kg

Nitrogen   Contents


Total   Number of Colonies

<100   CFU/g



Prulandon polysaccharides have emerged as the secret ingredient behind a popular casual food gum, offering a winning combination of taste, texture, and health benefits. With its natural origin, versatility, and sustainability, Prulandon-based gum has captured the hearts and taste buds of consumers around the world. As the demand for wholesome and eco-friendly snack options continues to rise, Prulandon polysaccharides remain at the forefront of innovation in the casual food industry, paving the way for a more delicious and sustainable snacking experience.

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