Know more about the Xanthan Gum as the Thickener

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Know more about the Xanthan Gum as the Thickener
Know more about the Xanthan Gum as the Thickener

"For the first experiment experimental rice is more than usual, the effect is not obvious, if there is a

business using xanthan gum xanthan gum, and certainly in order to save costs and other purposes, they will not
put so much rice. "Said experimenters. To this end, the experiment decided to do another experiment by less rice. The experimenters took an electronic scale, put two additional 15g of rice in two glasses, again the number is 1 and 2, respectively poured into 300 ml water, this time is still 2 No. beaker rubber added 1.5 g of xanthan, the first beaker added nothing. Then reheat 23 minutes.

Reporters noted that many of the significantly higher than the first experimental results. 1 cup is a clear stratification porridge, soup at the top, around the lower precipitation meters. 2 beaker porridge evenly distributed. From the sense of sight of the second outsell first. But this is still the No. 1 2 meters odor concentrated. Reporter No. 2 was found after trying the more viscous porridge the first of oats in the Huanen chewing fuller and more.

Explain items Nutrition experts: excessive consumption of harmful additives.

It is understood, xanthan gum is a thickener, the state allows the addition of natural food additives, use the upper limit is 10 g / kg. According to the standards of food additives in China, xanthan gum can be used in bread, ice cream, dairy products, frozen desserts, baked goods, instant noodles, sausages, canned meat and other food, but did not mention rice.

Feng Ji Chang sophomore, said Deputy Director of Affiliate nutrition, food additives are generally consist with the standard use of additives in the human body, it is safe to eat as long as the dose is not exceeded. However, if long-term or large amounts of foods containing food additives, it is charged liver, body will have an impact. It is worth noting that some unscrupulous traders don't add xanthan gum used in food, instead of some industrial gelatin, do not eat it, because it would harm the human body.