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xanthan gum - What is the harm of it?
2014-04-28 16:38:13
Xanthan gum - What is the harm of  it?
Xanthan gum is to improve food quality or increasing food color, smell, taste, or for the production and processing needs and added to food. Contain additives in food is normal. Harmful refers to how much xanthan gum content only. On the use of food additives, can not say definitely harmful to the human body. If not additive, it is simply water, drink it on the human body is not good. Everything has degree, additives no exception. Excessive, and certainly not good for the human organism. A small amount, can not make food look or human senses fully enjoy. Do not need to "talk about agents pale." Well overkill. Appropriate use of, or in accordance with product instructions used in moderation are harmless. Ease of use it.