Substitution of Calcium chloride

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Substitution of Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride can be use as A production principle available limestone,hydrochloric acid and the procedure Anhydrate calcium chloride production process.

Anhydrate calcium chloride (CaCl2) seem as a white or off-white solid (granular, massive, or powder), slightly bitter taste, odorless, soluble in water, soluble in water, emit a lot of heat. it has strong hygroscopicity and easily deliquescence in the air.Calcium Chloride should be sealed and stored.

CaCl2 can be used as a desiccant, dehydrating agent, refrigerant, aviation and automotive internal combustion engine antifreeze, coagulation, antifreeze, fabric, fire retardant and food preservatives.

A production principle can be used limestone and hydrochloric acid prepared by the reaction. The main chemical reactions are as follows: of CaCO3 +2 HCl → Effect of CaCl2 + H2O + CO2 ↑ Second, the procedure.

Production process of Dihydrous calcium chloride (CaCl2 • 2H2O):
be hydrochloric acid (31%) and limestone powder to react under stirring at a 2:1 ratio into the reaction tank to generate acidic calcium chloride solution, moved into the clarification tank. Add milk of lime, adjusting the solution pH value of 8.9 to 9, when the ferric hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide precipitation. Clarification, filtration, the filtrate was removed in the evaporation pan is heated to 172 ~ 174
evaporation, crystallization, separation of the 200 to 240 ° C after dehydration, ie calcium chloride Dihydrous. 2 Anhydrate Calcium Chloride: Calcium chloride Dihydrous and then heated to 260 ~ 300 , drying and dehydration, that is, into a white Anhydrate calcium chloride.

Fluidization process for the production of granular calcium chloride, liquid calcium chloride as raw materials, production in boiling dry grain towers, boiling boiling granulating tower segment was inverted cone cylinder, its lower part is an air distribution plate, orifice above the boiling layer. The first well in the air distribution pre-granulated calcium chloride seed and high-temperature hot air into the drum under the orifice, so that fluidization. Liquid calcium chloride by the nozzle pressure air atomized spray into the boiling layer. Rapid exposure to high temperature hot air in the droplets and the boiling layer and the seed, resulting in intense heat exchange, so that the droplets rapidly dry and dehydrated continue to adhere to the seed surface. In order to avoiding, the seed will gradually grow up, and the formation of spherical granular calcium chloride. About feeding tubes, granular calcium chloride, under the barrel release tower in the center of the orifice. The present invention to achieve the large quantities of industrial-scale production, the sphere of the calcium chloride particles. Fluidization process of the production of granular calcium chloride, characterized in that the liquid calcium chloride as raw materials, the atomization of liquid calcium chloride and a temperature of 380-420 ° C high temperature heat to the formation of mixed fluidized state in granular chloride The role of calcium crystal granular Anhydrate calcium chloride.