Food Grade Pullulan use for Safe Food Additive

Food Grade Pullulan use for Safe Food Additive
Food Grade Pullulan use for Safe Food Additive
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Food Grade Pullulan serves as a safe and versatile food additive, offering various functional properties that enhance the quality, texture, and stability of food products. Derived from natural polysaccharides through fermentation processes, Pullulan has gained recognition for its widespread application in the food industry.

Food Grade Pullulan Use for Safe Food Additive

Food Grade Pullulan is a natural polysaccharide polymer produced from starch by the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans. It is recognized for its exceptional film-forming and thickening properties, making it a versatile ingredient in various food applications. In the realm of food manufacturing and processing, ensuring safety and quality is paramount. With the growing demand for natural and safe food additives, the spotlight is on substances like Food Grade Pullulan. Shandong Mimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of food grade pullulan, please feel free to contact us if you have any need.

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Specifications of Food Grade Pullulan

Purity: Typically, Food Grade Pullulan is available in a highly pure form, with purity levels exceeding 99%. This ensures its suitability for use in food applications without introducing impurities or contaminants.

◢ Appearance: It is commonly found in the form of a white to off-white, odorless powder, with a fine texture that allows for easy dispersion and incorporation into food products.

◢ Solubility: Food Grade Pullulan demonstrates excellent solubility in water, resulting in clear and transparent solutions. This solubility makes it ideal for use in beverages, coatings, and edible films.

◢ Viscosity: It exhibits a unique rheological profile, offering both high viscosity at low concentrations and pseudoplastic flow behavior, enhancing its functionality as a thickening agent and stabilizer in food systems.



Place of   Origin

Shandong,   China



Other Names

Aylopectin,   fromcorn, Pululan; Pururan; Pullulane

Molecular   Formula (MF)








Loss of Drying




Momo-, Di-,   and Oligosaccharides


Total Nitrogen


Heavy Metals

<5.0 mg/kg

Ignition   Residue


Total Number   of Colonies

<100 CFU/G



Applications of Food Grade Pullulan

Beverages: Food Grade Pullulan is commonly employed in the beverage industry for its ability to improve mouthfeel, enhance texture, and stabilize suspensions. It is particularly useful in clear beverages due to its clarity in solution.

◢ Confectionery Coating: In confectionery products, Pullulan serves as a film-forming agent for coating candies, providing a glossy finish and extending shelf life by protecting against moisture and oxidation.

◢ Condiments and Sauces:Utilizing pullulan in condiments and sauces enhances their "on-product" retention due to its binding properties, effectively mitigating viscosity concerns. This ingredient proves particularly beneficial for precooked meat and fish products, which often struggle with sauce adhesion. Integration of pullulan into recipes addresses this challenge efficiently.

◢ Gummies Production:Incorporating 2-3% pullulan facilitates the development of novel soft and chewy candies using a cold extrusion technique, eliminating the necessity for conventional boiling procedures. This innovative approach allows for the utilization of heat-sensitive components in gummy formulations.

◢ Food Coatings: It is utilized as a coating agent for fruits, vegetables, and nuts to maintain freshness, prevent dehydration, and enhance visual appeal.

◢ Edible Films: Pullulan-based edible films find applications in encapsulating flavors, colors, and active ingredients, as well as forming barrier layers to prolong the shelf life of perishable food products.

Test Parameter





white powder

Viscosity (10% solution, 30℃)



Residue on ignition






Loss of drying




( content of   Mono-,di-,oligosaccharides )



Nitrogen Determination



Heavy Metals



Total aerobic microbial count



Total Yeast/mold count



Escherichia coli



Benefits of Food Grade Pullulan

Natural and Non-toxic: Derived from natural sources, Food Grade Pullulan is inherently safe for consumption and does not pose any health risks. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and does not impart any off-flavors or odors to food products.

◢ Film-forming Properties: Its exceptional film-forming capabilities offer superior protection against moisture, oxygen, and microbial spoilage, thereby extending the shelf life of perishable food items.

◢ Enhanced Texture and Mouthfeel: When used as a thickening agent, Pullulan contributes to the desired texture and mouthfeel of food products, enhancing overall sensory attributes.

◢ Versatility: Food Grade Pullulan is compatible with a wide range of food ingredients and processing conditions, making it suitable for diverse applications across the food industry.

In conclusion, Food Grade Pullulan stands out as a safe, natural, and multifunctional food additive with a broad spectrum of applications. Its unique properties contribute to the quality, safety, and sensory appeal of food products, making it a valuable ingredient for food manufacturers striving to meet consumer demands for clean-label and wholesome products.


Food Grade Pullulan Use for Safe Food Additive Manufacturer

Shandong Mimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier specializing in the production of food-grade pullulan and related biological polysaccharide products. Founded in 2019, we have quickly become a leader in the industry with our strong technical capabilities and extensive manufacturing expertise.

As a leading supplier of food grade pullulan, we are proud to provide safe and reliable food additives to enhance product quality and safety. With our unwavering focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, we stand ready to meet the evolving needs of the food industry with our premium pullulan solutions. We look forward to working with you.

Packaging and Transporting Details

1. Pack in aluminum foil bag and two plastic-bags inside for 1kg. 2. Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside for 10kg/25kg 3. According to the requirements of the customer 4. Port QINGDAO

When it comes to packaging and transporting Food Grade Pullulan, meticulous care and adherence to safety standards are paramount to maintain its quality and ensure it reaches its destination intact. Food Grade Pullulan, a polysaccharide produced from starch by fermentation, is widely used as a food additive due to its film-forming and thickening properties. Here's a comprehensive guide on how Food Grade Pullulan is packaged and transported:

  1. Packaging Materials: Food Grade Pullulan is typically packaged in sturdy, food-grade materials that provide adequate protection against contamination, moisture, and physical damage during transit. Common packaging materials include high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bags, polypropylene (PP) drums, or aluminum-lined bags.

  2. Sealing: The packaging is securely sealed to prevent any leakage or exposure to external elements. Seals should be robust and airtight to maintain the freshness and purity of the product.

  3. Labeling: Each package is labeled with essential information such as product name, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, net weight, handling instructions, and safety precautions. Clear labeling ensures proper identification and traceability throughout the supply chain.

  4. Palletization: Depending on the quantity and size of the packaged Pullulan, palletization may be necessary for efficient handling and transportation. Pallets provide stability during storage and loading, reducing the risk of damage or mishandling.

  5. Storage Conditions: Food Grade Pullulan should be stored in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated environment away from direct sunlight, moisture, heat, and strong odors. Proper storage conditions help preserve its quality and extend its shelf life.

  6. Transportation: During transportation, Food Grade Pullulan should be handled with care to prevent rough handling or exposure to extreme temperatures. It is crucial to choose reliable transportation methods and carriers experienced in handling food-grade products.

  7. Temperature Control: If Food Grade Pullulan is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, temperature-controlled transportation may be necessary to maintain its stability and integrity. Refrigerated trucks or containers equipped with temperature monitoring systems ensure that the product remains within the recommended storage temperature range.

  8. Documentation: All necessary documentation, including invoices, certificates of analysis, safety data sheets, and shipping manifests, should accompany the shipment to facilitate customs clearance and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  9. Quality Assurance: Throughout the packaging and transportation process, quality control measures should be implemented to verify the integrity and purity of the Food Grade Pullulan. Regular inspections and testing ensure that the product meets the specified quality standards and regulatory guidelines.

By following these packaging and transportation guidelines, producers and distributors can safeguard the quality and safety of Food Grade Pullulan, ensuring that it reaches customers in optimal condition for use as a food additive.

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