Sodium Bromide

Sodium Bromide
Sodium Bromide
Sodium Bromide
Sodium Bromide
Sodium Bromide
Sodium Bromide 1.Purity:99% 2.Appearance:white crystal powder 3.Type:photographic film,medicine,ect


Inorganic Salts sodium bromide 7647-15-6

1.The specification - sodium bromide:

sodium bromide


EC No.: 231-599-9

MF: NaBr

2.Application - sodium bromide:

Be used for photographic film, medicine (sedatives), pesticide, spices, dyes and other industries.

3. Indentification – sodium bromide:

Product Name:  sodium bromide

CAS#: 7647-15-6

Chemical Name: sodium bromide

Chemical Formula: NaBr

4. Physical and Chemical Properties - sodium bromide:

Physical state and appearance:                                 Crystal powder.

Color:                                                                   White.

Molecular Weight:                                              102.89g/mole.

pH (1% soln/water):                                            Not available.

Flash Point:                                                            1390°C 

Melting Point:                                                         755°C

Specific Gravity:                                               Not available.

Volatility:                                                      Not available.

Water Solubility:                                                Not available.

Ionicity (in Water):                                            Not available.

5. Storage - sodium bromide:

The product is packed in 25kg plastic bag.

6. Transport Information - sodium bromide

Parking: In 25kg plastic bag.

Identification: Sodium bromide

Special Provisions for Transport: Not available

Certificate of Analysis - sodium bromide:

manufacturer high quality and competitive price sodium bromide 99%

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