Bentonite API for Drilling

Bentonite API for Drilling
Bentonite API for Drilling
Bentonite API for Drilling
Bentonite API for Drilling
Bentonite API for Drilling
API Grade Bentonite 1)600 RPM reading: 30min 2) Field Point: 3max 3) Filtrate volume: 15max 4)Moisture 10%ma


Bentonite API for drilling


Bentonite swells greatly when it meets water. It owns excellent colloid nature and can increase the viscosity of suspend fluid. While it is applied in drilling mud, it can improve the lubricating property of drilling tools and can clean the rock clinker. It is widely applied in drilling constructions at stratums with complicated structures to avoid accident.







30mpas min

Yield point/Plastic Viscosity

1.5 max

Filtrate Volume ml

15 max

Moisture %

10% max

Residue of Diameter Greater than 75um%

4 max



25kgs paper bags, 1000kgs PP bags


We have a natural sodium based bentonite mine and the quality can be similiar to Wyoming Bentonite


Silimilar product:

organic clay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite)---oil-based drilling mud (fluid).


Good suspension, thixotropy and stability in crude oil, diesel oil systems.

Easy of incorporation. No need for polar activator or making pregel.

Furnish the drilling mud(fluid) with good suspension, wall-protection and

anti-filtration properties.

Maintain stable physical performance under the pressure of 108 at the

temperature of 230.


Typical Properties:











Fineness through 200mesh


on ignition(1000)

Light Yellow

Free Flowing Powder


3.5% max

98% min

35% max


International Countertypes: Bentonite99, VG-69,Versa

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