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Why is Xanthan Gum used in the Porridge
2015-04-03 11:51:12

Experimenter explained, "Xanthan gum xanthan gum is known as corn sugar gum, carbohydrate.  It is a thickening agent having

excellent thickening, suspension,  emulsion and water-soluble. Porridge added xanthan gum will be more sticky".

In order to obviously verify the above statement, the experimenter would make an experiment to compare the experimental laboratory personnel decisions.

By using an electronic balance, experimenters first weighed 25g into two equal amounts of rice and 21 beaker and poured into 250 ml of water respectively. For contrast effect, laboratory personnel in the 2nd beaker added food additive "xanthan gum" 1.25g, the 1st beaker did not add anything, then the two beaker on electric heating. 23 minutes, the experimenter stopped heating.

Experimenters stirred in the 1st and the 2nd beaker with two glass rod. When he put the two beakers in front of reporters, if the numbers do not look on the beaker, and sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish from the naked eye whether there is xanthan gum in the porridge or not. Experimenter said carefully you will find that the color contrast of No. 2 is more yellow than the 1st, but after the smell will find on the 1st of 2 meters flavor than the number to be concentrated.

As for the comparison of taste, reporters found two beaker tasting porridge almost taste the same when chewed, but compared to the 2nd to be more dense and more slippery.

Then you could see the xanthan gum thickening effect is obvious.